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What People Are Saying About Our Training

Prevention Research Institute, Inc. (PRI) has been committed to providing outstanding training for over 25 years. Read what our instructors and counselors who attended our training events had to share about their experience. Want to learn more about our community of trainers, instructors, and counselors?  Let's connect on Facebook at and on Twitter at

"One of the best things I appreciate about Prime is the continuity of the trainers. From the beginning we have the same top notch trainers who are foundational to the program itself."
Prime For Life® Continuing Education Training, Indianapolis,IN
"My trainers were awesome! They were not only as checked (helpful, approachable, non-judgmental, knowledgeable, not confrontational, enthusiastic, well prepared) but I felt like I was getting personal attention in a roomful of people."
Prime For Life® New Instructor Training, Anchorage, AK
"Two very talented professionals that modeled the underlying spirit of Prime Solutions® throughout the training."
Prime Solutions® Counselor Training, Charlotte, NC
"They were absolutely fantastic! This is hands-down the best training I've had since grad school!"
Prime For Life® New Instructor Training, Wilmington, NC
"Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed their teaching and modeling."
Prime Solutions® Counselor Training, Valdosta, GA