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Prime Solutions Level I Web-based Counselor Training

Make Prime Solutions® Training Your Resolution

Our new Prime Solutions® Level I Web-based Counselor Training could be just the solution to move you forward in 2018. Prime Solutions is a substance use treatment program that brings science to practice in an engaging, protocol-driven yet flexible way. Treatment sessions are evidence-derived and delivered through a non-confrontational approach, allowing clients to maximize their motivation to make changes.

While Prevention Research Institute® is offering in-person Prime Solutions Counselor Trainings this year we are excited to announce a new option that can be a fantastic fit in your busy schedule.

Prime Solutions Level I Web-based Counselor Training – What Is It?

Over the course of several weeks, and at your own pace, you’ll experience three, live, one-on-one sessions with a certified Prime Solutions trainer via Web-Ex. Between sessions, you will have guided opportunities to strengthen your relationship with the program material and the core concepts that make Prime Solutions so effective, including The Transtheoretical Model of Change and Motivational Interviewing. Our trainers will individually tailor your experience, enhancing and developing the counseling skills you identify.

As an added benefit, you’ll receive 13.5 Continuing Education Hours for this training. And because you can train anywhere you have an internet connection, you will save the time and money that typically goes into travel.

How Do I Get Started?

Call Michelle Stephen at 859-296-5035 or email her at to schedule your Online Training today. And be confident, as you start your New Year, that Growth Happens Here.

"We worked hard to build Prime Solutions on the best scientific evidence available-it is right on the cutting edge. We also worked to give it 'life' so it will be a pleasure for real clinicians to use with real clients. We had you in mind the whole time!"- Theresa Moyers, Ph.D.