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Treatment: Prime Solutions®

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What is Prime Solutions®

PRI designed Prime Solutions® to close the gap between the acceptance and full implementation of effective treatment methods. Prime Solutions is a substance use treatment program developed in collaboration with several leading addiction experts. The treatment program helps clients diagnosed with a substance use disorder make changes in their high-risk drinking and drug use. Prime Solutions is a "flexibly manualized" treatment approach that applies best practices in a unique way.

Prime Solutions® does this by:

  • Starting with a state of the art training experience, followed by on-line training in best practices.
  • Providing treatment session content that is interesting, engaging, and evidence derived.
  • Providing the level of protocol-driven standardization state and local agencies need to ensure quality while simultaneously providing counselors with the level of flexibility they need to meet the varied needs of their clients.
  • Providing counselors with a unique, media-enriched online manual with all needed content and session-specific training to help counselors implement sessions in a way consistent with evidence-based practices.
  • Providing counselors with a non-confrontational approach to treatment that allows clients to maximize their motivation to make changes.
  • Providing counselors with print and multimedia tools to help keep clients engaged during the treatment process.

Why Use Prime Solutions®

As a health professional, finding effective tools for your treatment program is a high priority. Impacting client behavior change requires the ability to creatively adapt a treatment program to your clients' unique needs while adhering to empirically-supported practices.

PRI and leading addiction experts created Prime Solutions from the ground up with all of this in mind, especially the need for flexibility. As a result, the treatment program allows for this "flexible standardization" by providing you with a menu of session topics and choices within those sessions.

Here are a few reasons to use Prime Solutions® with your clients:

Prime Solutions® counselor training is easy to learn and apply.

  • The treatment program is protocol-driven. There is no guessing about what to do next in treatment.
  • The treatment program is flexible so you can tailor the sessions to your clients' individual needs with the available resources and tools.
  • Use treatment sessions sequentially, in combination, or in any order that fits your clients' needs.

Prime Solutions® training is available 24/7.

As counselors, your time is limited, but your training doesn't have to be. Our session-specific online training:

  • Is convenient and accessible—train at your own pace anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection.
  • Is customizable—highlight important concepts and add your own notes to your online manual for later use with your clients.
  • Is private and secure—your personal online training manual is stored in a secure internet environment that is password protected and backed up daily.
  • Brings science to practice—learn firsthand from the experts through media-enriched training videos and feel confident that the treatment information is based on the most current research. Learn about:
    • The Transtheoretical Model with Carlo C. DiClemente, PhD
    • Motivational Interviewing with William Miller, PhD
    • Motivational Interviewing with Theresa Moyers, PhD
    • Craving with Anna Rose Childress, PhD
    • 12-Step Research with Scott Tonigan, PhD
    • ASAM Placement with Gerald Shulman, MA
    • Contingency Management with Nancy Petry, PhD
    • Spirituality in Recovery with Ernie Kurtz, PhD
    • Addiction and the Brain with Allan Barger, MA

Feel more engaged during your training.

  • Training incorporates interactive media-enriched videos and animations to take your learning experience to a new level.
  • Videos and tips reinforce the materials resulting in greater understanding of the information.
  • Unlike classroom training, you can start and stop at any point in the sessions and refer back to the sessions and your notes at your convenience.

Prime Solutions® can be adapted to meet your needs.

  • Use as a stand-alone treatment program, or in conjunction with an existing treatment program.
  • Use as an aftercare program to sustain gains achieved during initial substance use treatment.
  • Adaptable for different treatment settings:
    • In open or closed group, as well as an individual format
    • In an outpatient, residential, or inpatient setting
    • With women, men, and mixed-gender groups
    • With clients in different stages of substance use, including those diagnosed with different levels of severity of substance use disorder
    • With English or Spanish speaking clients
  • Use after the Prime For Life® pretreatment program to increase success.

Feel more effective about facilitating clients' progress.

As a trained Prime Solutions® counselor, you'll learn how to:

  • Use a non-confrontational collaborative approach with clients to maximize their motivation to make changes.
  • Inspire clients to look at their beliefs and help them gain lifetime skills for dealing with craving and temptation.
  • Maintain treatment focus in each session without excessive drift to other issues while maintaining rapport with clients.


Prime For Life® moves people through the first three Stages of Change of the Transtheoretical Model-Pre-contemplation, Contemplation and Preparation. Prime Solutions® follows and builds upon Prime For Life® by moving clients into the fourth Stage of Change-Action.

Guided by the counselor while using the workbook and video-based discussion modules, your clients learn how to:

  • Reduce risks.
  • Develop low-risk beliefs and clear standards.
  • Gain skills to manage cravings and temptations.

Meet clients where they currently are. Each client is unique. Instead of pushing your client through a "one-size-fits-all" program, meet clients where they are by tailoring Prime Solutions® to them based on their stage of change.

Clients get more out of each session. Counselors present materials that promote more focus and reduce drift away from important topics, increasing the level of information that works towards promoting behavioral change.

Clients feel safe and open to treatment. Because a judgmental or controlling approach is a barrier to change, Prime Solutions® does not moralize or dictate certain behaviors. By using a non-confrontational counseling approach, your clients:

  • Are more receptive to the treatment process as they gain lifetime skills for dealing with craving and temptation.
  • Experience less resistance.
  • Have higher motivation to make behavioral changes.
  • Have increased trust and confidence in you to facilitate their own processes of change.


Although not necessary, we recommend your clients participate in a Prime For Life® class prior to treatment with Prime Solutions®. Research indicates that Prime For Life® can be a very effective pretreatment experience to prepare clients for their time with you.

A Prime For Life® syllabus is available for counselors who elect to have their clients go through the program as pretreatment.

To find out more about implementing Prime For Life® or Prime Solutions® in your state or organization, please contact Ejna Mitchell, Vice President of Programs by email or call her at (859) 296-5032.